Carpets. Ruzanna Teterina artist, St.Petersburg, Russia


In my work I touch on spirituality, sensuality, vulnerability, sexuality, loneliness. A deep connection with myself is important to me, as this connection is the foundation for new artistic ideas. When depicting a person, in a coverted way I want to paint him as an icon. My relationship to the human body is one of love and respect, exploring its sensual physicality through dance and painting. I strive for non-trivial expression and am constantly experimenting, intrigued in interacting with different materials and textures. Currently, I am  painting on carpets. The carpet, akin to a silent background, carries its own mysterious content of patterns and symbols. These symbols and images can be interpreted in different ways. Through painting, I deform the rough material of the carpet, breaking its symmetrical soundlessness. As a result of a conflict with the strong activity of the medium, through the collision of images and textures, I create a natural, picturesque destruction or a new metaphysical sound.


acrylic/oil on carpet, antlers,195x250 cm, 2022

The "Sápmi" carpet figuratively resembles a reindeer. The carpet`s textures may remind one of the textures of the forest and the forests` inhabitants. In the work "Sápmi" I sing praise to the Lapland hermitage. The Saami are the indigenous people of this land. Their epic fusion with nature, their penchant for witchcraft and the unknown resonates strongly within me. The process of creating "Sápmi" is a long ritual, a solitary, immersive experience. An intimate relationship with nature. A forest in which you want to get lost. Polar night, frozen ground, reindeer antlers sticking out from under the snow and the cold, bottomless silence of the endless expanses of Lapland. The image of Sápmi is an embodiment of the ideal of primordial beauty and archaic purity.